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Our Handmade One Of a Kind Process & Designs

Posted: Jun 23 2016

I wanted to share something thats important to me.

My silks designs are 100% handmade, each piece is unique and one of a kind. The Silk & Wool prints are printed using WOOD BLOCKS carved by skilled carvers. This old printing technique starts with each block being hand carved from seasoned teak wood, that is soaked in oil for 15-20 days to soften the grain in the timber. It takes experienced artisans several days to make fabric for one of our designs. Block prints and Batiking are passed down from generations and is a dying art we hope to preserve. In turn our designs are works of art & collectables. Our factory supports their community by donating to many Non Profit Organizations & orphanages in India. We hope by making our pieces with these artisans we are honoring them, slowing down time, and help keep the craft alive for future generations to enjoy something no machine can make...I hope this matters to some of you out there....

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