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Posted: Apr 14 2016

I design clothing that I would love to wear.
Feeling comfortable while looking unique & fabulous, is part of the "must" for me :)
Through the years of being in retail, working directly with my customers, I have seen every Figure women fit into my collection offerings.
More than half my RESORT Collection works on any shape & size woman.


Today on my website we have made it easy to "shop by style" and
Shawanna, our longterm friend & costumer and recently appointed, one of our Brand Ambassador was photographed in the basic LOTTA silhouettes like the "Poncho",   "Maxi Kaftan", "Slit Maxi Kaftan".
Miss Shawanna is the creator of the much powerful @bebeautifulLA.
And photo credits to @bwbanksphotography for the amazing images 

I am proud to design clothes for any size woman.
I truly try to design for everyone to feel beautiful.
The poncho is a #musthavetravelitem for all women.


Shawanna in our beautiful Lotus Print dropping this summer 2016, in the "Maxi Poncho kaftan" shape.



The must have Poncho in my Mother Earth Print in - Tropical Storm color way 


 in Natural Feather 

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