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A Lotta Curves

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The Resort & Travel Inspired Collection we design have many styles that fit Everyone. Literally everyone!!!

A Lotta Curves

SEARCH the styles that can fit everyone: 
Maxi Kaftan
Short Maxi kaftan
Petite Poncho
Wool Poncho
Boatneck Kaftan
Ruffle Dress
Beach Sarong 

SEARCH the styles that can fit well up to a XXL: 
Maxi Poncho Kaftan
Midthigh Poncho
Slit Maxi Kaftan
Side Drape maxi Kaftan
Maxi Topper
Poncho Top
Seamed Tunic Top
Flowy Dress
Dance Sweater

SEARCH the styles that can fit well up to a XL: 
Cascade Robe
Mini cascade Robe
Long Spaghetti Dress 
Maxi Poncho...and all the
styles in the above 2 categories.

Your also welcome to call us here at Lotta Stensson Design and talk through your questions and concerns of what style/shape is right for your needs. We are always happy to help... (323) 852 0520

We hope you feel Special & Beautiful wearing one of these....Love & Thanks, Lotta